The planet is in trouble. And so are we. Lots. (This is where I would list the multitude of intersecting crises we face. But you already know of them or you wouldn’t be here.)

That’s why I created Planetphilia. Because of my love – and yours – for the planet we live on and the people and creatures we care so deeply about. What better time to respond to the civilization shaking crises we’re experiencing than to populate the world with some positive ideas and energy.

I’m fortunate to have some extra resources now. Not a whole lot. But enough to fund up to a dozen or so grants of $500 to $2500.

And the good news is you don’t need to jump through any – well hardly any – hoops to apply.

If you, your partner or organization have an idea that could make a small (not too small…) or large impression on life on the planet you’re in the right place. If it’s focused on the climate crisis and/or new ways of improving health largely through natural means that’s even better. If it connects people, ideas, institutions, disciplines or ways of knowing that aren’t usually connected that’s best.

Several of you can also submit a portfolio of proposals that tackle an issue from more than one perspective.

Perhaps you’ve got a book proposal, an essay, a communication campaign, a call to arms, a service, product or technology, a Vision, a travel proposal (yes I know), an artwork or a video that you want to create.  Or something else entirely. It may touch people now or in the future directly or indirectly. Whether it’s right brain, left brain or a no brainer it’s fine.

If it helps to put together your proposal imagine what it might look like if you placed it on Indegogo, Kickstarter or Causes.

The ideas, movements and actions that I’ve been involved with as a writer, senior government official and activist may help you get a sense of at least some of my passions.

You may want to look at my book A Climate Vocabulary of the Future. (Amazon and other online retailers have it.)

My blog posts especially A Climate Vision for Montgomery County, H4A (Health for All). Isn’t it time to get well? and Climate Questions and Conundrums are also worth a read.  I’m also active on Twitter at @herbsimmens.

And before I forget – anyone living anywhere is eligible. An individual, a company, an NGO or any combination is welcome to apply.

Submit your 1000 words or less proposal – preferably in Word. Graphics, links, videos are fine. Be creative. I’m not only looking at whether you check the boxes but what you do outside – and inside – them.

Include the usual stuff – who you are, why this is the best idea I’ll ever see, what your timeline is, what you’re spending the money on, and what good stuff will result from your efforts.

Tell me who can vouch for you and your work. (Even if it’s just your mother.)

The proposal deadline is June 14th. If you can’t submit by then there’s likely to be another round later in the summer.

Awards will be announced in July.

Half the award will be disbursed midway and half on completion. If you absolutely need to have some of the money up front so indicate in your proposal.

I’ll provide successful candidates with whatever support I can including opportunities to share ideas and progress with other awardees.

I’ll also comment on as many of the non-funded proposals as I can.

And if submitting a grant proposal doesn’t work for you for whatever reason, perhaps the ideas contained in my books and writings may inspire you to take action on your own. 

Simple isn’t it?

Submit your proposals and any questions or comments to

Thanks and good luck.