A Climate Vocabulary of the Future

Just Released! The first book to focus on creating a new vocabulary encompassing all aspects of climate change – political, economic, moral, behavioral as well as technological and scientific.

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A Zero Greenhouse Gas Climate Vision For Montgomery Co by 2030

A climate vision for Montgomery CountyIt’s January 1, 2030   Montgomery County, the most populous county in Maryland, was recognized today – Day 1 of the International Decade for Emergency Climate Action - by President Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Congress and the...

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Is it tragedy, insanity or both?

Today's New York Times had an article entitled Carbon in Atmosphere Is Rising, Even as Emissions Stabilize, that addressed what is literally the most important unknown facing the seven plus billion Homo Sapiens and the hundreds of billions of other life forms that...

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Can psychedelics address climate chaos?

  Most close observers of the dynamics of climate change recognize that the human mind is both the instigator of climate chaos, and paradoxically both the only hope and biggest obstacle to breaking the climate curve. Our presumed evolutionary bias for immediate...

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One Generation Climate Change

The climate change emergency the United States and the world faces requires a generously funded initiative, created and managed by the civic sector, to transition to a near zero carbon economy within a generation. This effort should be led by the most prominent...

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Progress on Climate Change

The People’s Climate March held in Washington DC and in cities around the country and the world was believed to have attracted some 300,000 people. While that’s about the population of cities like Pittsburgh or St Paul, it’s a remarkably small number to have marched...

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